Not Using Eye Cream? Why It Is A Must

If you have not yet added an eye cream to your skin care routine here are a few reasons of why it is a must.

  • The skin around the eye is thin and extremely delicate making it more susceptible to irritation and allergic reactions. Therefore, an every day moisturizer may be to thick and heavy for this area.
  • The eye does not have oil producing glands which help keep the skin moisturized. The skin in this area tends to be very dry and prone to wrinkles. 
  • The eye muscles are constantly moving whether it be from blinking, squinting, smiling etc. Also making this area at a greater risk of wrinkles.
  • Dark circles and puffiness are also major concerns in this area. Dark circles occur when the skin around the eye is too thin and the veins underneath become more prominent. 

Diana’s stands strong behind her two eye creams #26 supreme eye cream and #7 cellular eye cream.Each cream is formulated for the delicate area around the eye each targeting specific issues.

#26 Supreme eye cream is considered to be the strongest by eliminating dark circles and puffiness immediately with its key ingredient caffeine. Caffeine soothes the eye by constricting the blood vessels relieving puffiness and tightening the skin. This particular eye cream has dual functions of hydrating and constricting.

#7 Cellular eye cream is also a very powerful anti-aging cream. This cream is rich in key nutrients limiting water loss while bringing in essential nutrients. This anti-wrinkle cream contains triple dna, rna, and neuro-peptides.

If you suffer from dark circkles and puffiness, #26 supreme eye cream is for you. For those looking to delay the visible signs of wrinkles and hydrate #7 cellular eye cream is for you.

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